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Review of The Orange Person

Photo courtesy of The Orange Person - theorangeperson.com

As Kirk holds it down, a Christmas alligator peers off the head of his double bass.  He and his songwriting teammate Laura Dunn are maneuvering through a myriad of thoughtfully composed folk numbers in the last night of Jeremy Bloom's The Orange Person.

"It really restores my hope in local theatre," said one audience member who had to sit on the floor.  The Gene Frankel Theatre was packed.  Sitting room only.

The plot: A science experiment, a sweet southern nana sells her orange skinned son with a soulful hip shaking number which had the audience cheering.  Charming, wouldn't you say?

The Orange Person accesses distinct tones, masterfully plunging through it's documentary-style cast of personalities that were played with such zing, one had to wonder if the actors were not just playing themselves.

But it was the pacing which was the true shining light of the show. Not a second is lost in this philosophical, sexual, and surprising story.

Filmic, comedic, without pretentiousness.

For more on the show, check out theorangeperson.com

-The Paper Swan